Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hop hog

Hauppauge (which as far as I can tell is pronounced the way an Australian would say "Hop hog" or the way a USAmerican would say "Hawp hawg") have made a new version of their lovely MediaMVP set-top MythTV terminal. And it seems they've made incompatible changes to they way it boots that make it more difficult to use with alternative software. So if you were planning on running your own software on it be careful which one you get. The new one is called 'revision H1' and looks different on the front. Apparently the changes are due to the arrival of the wireless MediaMVP which doesn't work with MVPMC either.

I'm sure a way will be found out to get these things to boot user-supplied software. After all, Hauppauge wouldn't just arbitrarily want to limit the ability of users to use their own hardware for their own purposes. Would they? Of course not...


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