Monday, July 03, 2006


It looks like the era of the S.U.V. is coming to an end. It's clear from that news article that anything with high petrol consumption is getting hard to sell. This is just so much deja vu to those that can remember the 70s - yet again the US car industry has been caught with its pants down building oversized vehicles that suddenly noone wants. Not that the Europeans haven't tried to get in on what was, for a while, a very lucrative business, sometimes with comical results.

If the trend continues, then used prices for large SUVs will soon be very low, and there'll be bargains out there. The right thing to do in this situation is to buy some good example of the genre (eg. a Hummer, but never an H2) and put it in somewhere with low humidity, for example a heated garage, or the Mojave Desert. In 30 years' time it will probably be worth something.

What you shouldn't do is actually try to drive it anywhere.

You could always go by rail instead.


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